Honours Summary
All Matches, Division 1, 28-Apr-2018 to 08-Sep-2018
Statistic Name Club Figures
Best Batting Average Vijayan,Prijith Braywood 103.00
Highest Score Jonathan Patel Knotty Green 137
Best Batting Aggregate Jonathan Patel Knotty Green 697
Best Bowling Average Jagdish Nandeesh Denham 3.00
Best Bowling Economy Jagdish Nandeesh Denham 1.50
Most Wickets Pranav Desai Denham 50
Most Wickets in Innings Daniel Langan Pinner 8-24
Most Catches Shokat,I Denham 18
Highest Innings Score Little Marlow 1st Little Marlo 346
Lowest Innings Score Braywood 2nd XI Braywood 18
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