Honours Summary
All Matches, BCMB Championship, 28-Apr-2018 to 08-Sep-2018
Statistic Name Club Figures
Best Batting Average John Griffiths Harpsden 78.00
Highest Score Richard Ashton Peppard Stok 150
Best Batting Aggregate Adam Davidson West Reading 677
Best Bowling Average Richard Clarke Ley Hill 5.19
Best Bowling Economy Irtaza Shahzad Crowthorne & 2.12
Most Wickets Craig Ottaway Ley Hill 39
Most Wickets in Innings Sam Fooks Peppard Stok 7-36
Most Catches Unsure Emmbrook and 23
Highest Innings Score Peppard Stoke Row Peppard Stok 372
Lowest Innings Score Penn & Tylers 1st Penn & Tyler 39
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